Animation expert cycle

Animation Film

Animation Expert Course

The fourth year of the undergraduate programme Animation Expert Course is dedicated to students already holding a bachelor in 3D Design, who want to develop specific skills to 3D animation film production under real studio conditions.

Throughout the year, students go deeper into precise aspects of scenario-marking, art direction, production and 3D animation.

This fourth year Animation Expert Course is dedicated to the production of a 3D short film, which can integrate 2D elements. The students work in teams and experience the complexity of professional project management.

At the end of the Programme,Animation Expert Course the students have a deep knowledge of the production process of an animation film, from the conception to the production and to the final product.


The programme covers four functions::

  • The production stage: animated by the production manager, who operates during the preproduction phase (screenwriting, storyboarding and animation). During production and postproduction, he/she monitors the project until the final editing. He/she gives advice to students in their production choices.
  • The artistic stage: The art director operates during the preproduction phase. He/she manages the elaboration steps of the concept design, and gives direction to the artistic choices. He ensures the visual aspect of the scenes, settings, characters…
  • The technical stage: the technical manager operates during the production and postproduction: 3D, rigging-skinning, VFX, compositing and editing. He ensures the pipeline organization and the production flow.
  • The animation stage: during the production, the animation manager’s cooperates with the technical manager. His/her goal is to develop the skills in 3D animation, so that the students can produce quality actions and moves.


3D Animation Film Director, Art Director, Character Artist, Environment Artist, Lead 3D Artist, Shader, Lighting and Rendering Artist, Rigger / Skinner 3D, Animateur 3D, Compositing Artist.


  • A year punctuated by the production of an animated short movie, in a team
  • •An overview of the real work conditions of an animation studio
  • Coaching by production professionals.


Conditions of admission au Animation Expert Course

  • Required degree: Bachelor “3D Design, VFX Animation” from Aries or equivalent (3-year undergraduate level) with knowledge of Photoshop, Maya, After Effects, Zbrush.
  • Good level in Drawing and Animation.
  • Process: Application form, tests and creative portfolio.


DegreeAnimation Expert Course

Degree from the Aries School Animation Expert Course. Length : 1 year.

Content Animation Expert Course


  • Software: Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter, Pixar’s RenderMan,Nuke
  • 3D Advanced Techniques : Modelling, Texturing, Materials, Lightings
  • Advanced Skinning and Rigging Techniques (objects, biped and quadruped)
  • Lighting and Rendering Techniques (with Pixar’s RenderMan)
  • Special Effects Management
  • Project Management – pipeline and production flow
  • Compositing and Editing
  • Sound Editing


  • Software : Maya
  • Animation Principles (timing, spacing, cycles)
  • Advanced knowledge of 3D animation production
  • Biped and quadruped character acting techniques
  • Face animation principles


  • Photoshop
  • Bases of Art Direction
  • Concept and Graphic Research
  • Characters and Stage Design
  • Moodboarding, light script and colour script
  • Graphic Bible


  • Ideas Research
  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Animatic Production
  • Project Management