Graphic Design Bachelor

Graphic Design


After the French "Baccalauréat" (the French final exam of secondary studies), the three-year bachelor programme Graphic Design trains Junior Art Directors responsible for the communication area of a company, from its visual identity (and its various forms) to its advertising campaigns (print, web, street marketing, etc.)

The Bachelor degree in Graphic Design has been developed to offer to the student a global vision and place him/her in the conditions of professional production. It opens wide horizons to the graphic arts universe and visual communication.

Pedagogical objectives

The “Graphic Design” Bachelor Programme has been created to develop the student’s skills with demanding and professional work-oriented courses, based on artistic and technical training in digital and print creation.

The student learns how to create graphic concepts and apply them to different media, according to specific communication guidelines.

The practical study of digital creation tools, graphic communication techniques, the specifics of web design and motion design, allows him/her to create communication media, print, online or multimedia, composed of still, interactive or animated images.

The marketing, strategy of creation and advertising culture courses develop the abilities of the students to analyse the issues of a communication campaign.


Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Art Director, Communication Manager


  • A project-oriented course
  • Final production projects developing cross media communication campaigns (print, web, video)
  • Artistic portfolio development to display the student’s creative work and personal talents
  • Two and three months’ internships in years 2 and 3


Conditions of admission Graphic Design Bachelor

  • Required diploma: French Baccalauréat or any equivalent (final exam of secondary school giving access to higher education)
  • Process: Application form, tests and interviews to assess artistic and general knowledge
  • Mandatory entry to “Preparatory Course to Applied Arts” if the level is not sufficient


Degree Graphic Design Bachelor

The Graphic Design Bachelor Programme prepares to the “Multimedia and Graphic Designer” degree from the “Brassart” schools. It is certified by a national agreement (by the RNCP “Registre National des Certifications Professionnelles”), level 2, equivalent to a 3-year undergraduate degree (Bac+3 Design Graphique). Length : 3 years.

Content Graphic Design Bachelor


  • Softwares: Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator
  • Infographics and Production Studio
  • Compositing and layout
  • Creation Strategy
  • Print Projects Management
  • Techniques of Graphic Communication
  • Semiology
  • Typography
  • Copywriting


  • History of Art
  • Sémiology, Sociology of Media
  • Communications Culture
  • English


  • Webdesign
    • UX design
    • Languages for Website Programming
    • Langages and integration Techniques
    • Content System Management (CMS)
    • Web Typography
    • Webmarketing and Search Engine Management
  • Motion Design After Effects (including Trapcode) - Premiere - Animate
    • Storyboarding, Scenography
    • Sound Management in a graphic production
    • Basic principles of Animation (timing, spacing, remapping)
    • Animated Images Creation : animated logotype, banner,
    • Creative and Artistic Production of animated content


  • Oral Communication techniques
  • Themed workshops
  • Project management (graphic and digital)


  • Sketches
  • Drawing from observation
  • Space Perspective, Framing and Compositing
  • Anatomy and live model drawing
  • Colouring
  • Sculpture