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Our international partners

Nad – Montreal, Canada

Logo NAD Early in 2017 Aries schools signed a partnership agreement with NAD School – school of digital art, animation and design, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

This agreement aims to share expertise and know-how between the two schools.

Student exchanges will be possible between those of Aries “3D, VFX Animation” bachelor programme and those of “3D Animation and Design” bachelor programme from the NAD.

Teacher exchanges will also be organised through seminars or workshops to foster international cultural opportunities and pedagogical innovation, fundamental in this domain.

Two students from Aries Lyon and Aries Grenoble are going to study in NAD in September 2017, for a semester.

Digital Arts et Entertainment - Kortrijk, Belgium

Logo Université Howest Located in Kortrijk, capital of Flanders in Belgium and 30 km away from Lille, at the heart of a region investing in innovative multimedia technologies, Digital Arts & Entertainment has been placing international openness as a key development axis for 10 years.

Attached to Howest University (western Flanders), the school offers its programmes in English and hosts foreign teachers and students, international conferences and workshops, and Digital Arts & Entertainment is positioned on the most innovating 3D, vfx, gaming sectors and trains in both its technical and artistic sides.

Aries and DAE will develop workshops, teacher and student time abroad around those themes.

Curtin University - Perth, Australia

Logo Curtin Aries and Curtin University, Perth, Australia, signed an international partnership arrangement in 2014. The aim of this partnership with Aries is to develop student exchanges, continuing studies at the Masters level, and the creation of a dual diploma. For instance, after a 4th year in Expert Cycle, Aries students have the opportunity to apply for the 2nd year of the Master of "Applied Design and Art" or "Media and Communication" of Curtin University.

Curtin University is ranked among the 500 best universities in the prestigious Shanghai ranking, particularly thanks to the performance of its Research team, and its international exposure.

This first partnership with Curtin university created the framework for new collaborations with Australian universities. Today, Aries’ students also have the opportunity to pursue their studies at a master level in the following sections:

  • "Master of Creative Arts" at Deakin University in Melbourne
  • "Master of Creative Industries” at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane
  • "Master of Multimedia" »" at Swinburne University in Melbourne
  • "Master of Creative Industries" »" at Macquarie university in Sydney

Mimaster - Milan, Italy

Logo Mimaster Italy, particularly the city of Milan, are benchmarks in Design and Illustration. Thus, Aries has decided to collaborate with Mimaster Illustrazionein Milan, and the two schools launched their first cooperation in 2014, made official during the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

Mimaster Illustrazione is a top school in the field of Illustration, and its strength is its tuition. Great international illustrators (Alexandra Zsigmond, Deputy Art Director of the NY Times, Birth Steinbuck Art Director of the Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine, Stefano Cipolla, Art Director of la Reppublica) pass along their knowledge in themed workshops.

In 2015-2016, the two schools offered their students the opportunity to experience an artistic and cultural exchange on the theme of « Creating book trailers” and “Motion Design”. Every year, students can attend new workshops organized by the schools.

Beyond the acquisition of new skills, these workshops allow students to experience creative immersion in an international environment.