Preparatory Course

Preparatory course

Preparatory Course to Applied Arts

After the French "Baccalauréat" or equivalent, the Preparatory Course allows the student to discover different artistic fields and to choose an orientation suited to his/her personal abilities.

The teaching focuses on experimentation, creation, and acquisition of an artistic knowledge, which brings the student to gain maturity, develop creative skills and prepare his/her professional project.

After thePreparatory Course the student can access the field of their choice: 3D Design - Visual Effects and Animation, Graphic Design, Video Game Art

Pedagogical Objectives

The Preparatory Course for Applied Arts at Ecoles Aries aims at teaching the student the joint fundamentals of Graphic Design, 3D-VFX and Animation and Video Game Art. It brings the capacity to observe, create the image and invent things. Courses of History of Art, Cinema Culture, Photography are taught as well as Creative Techniques, Digital Painting or 3D Initiation and Media Creation.

Workshops place students in real situation of graphic research, creation of images and animated sequences, of the use of technical tools and team project management.

Some observation and immersion times in the different fields allow each student to confirm his/her project of study.

Preparatory Course

After the Preparatory Course

Fiels : Graphic Design, 3D-VFX Animation, Video Game Art.


The preparatory Class to Applied Arts does not give a direct access to a job. It enables the student to build his/her own training path.


  • Three workshops to learn how to work in a team
  • A passport registering the different steps in the path of the student
  • Cultural visits: exhibitions, museums…
  • Production of a creative portfolio to illustrate personal talents.


Conditions of admission preparatory Class to Applied Arts

  • Required diploma: French “Baccalauréat” or any equivalent (final exam of secondary school giving access to the higher education system).
  • Process: Application form, tests and interviews to assess artistic and general knowledge


Degree preparatory Class to Applied Arts

Degree from the Aries School. Length : 1 year.

Content preparatory Class to Applied Arts


  • English
  • Cinematographic culture
  • History of Art: Artists, Genres, and Art periods
  • Works of art and image analyses


  • Drawing: perspective, shadows and lights, observational sketches, framing, compositing, storyboarding, anatomy…
  • Traditional techniques : ink techniques, Pantone felt pens,
  • Sculpting and Modelling : anatomy and characters
  • 2D animation / stop motion


  • Fundamentals of Photoshop
  • Matte Painting
  • Simple volumes creation, Lighting and material management
  • Environments and Colour Management
  • Characters portraits (realistic, semi-realistic)


  • Softwares: Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop
  • Infographics and graphic creations fundamentals
  • Images analysis
  • Communications supports creation


  • Discovery of the camera and technical study of the equipment
  • Theoretical explanation of photography
  • Shootings
  • Image processing technology


  • Softwares: 3D Studio Max, Zbrush
  • Initiation to 3D objects Modelling and Digital Sculpting


  • Theoretical class of scenography
  • Initiation to storyboarding


  • Initiation to web design : creation of a personal portfolio