Etudiants Aries à l'international

Aries and the international

Mobility abroad

Internships abroad

Undertaking an internship abroad is an excellent way to put into practice the skills acquired during your training at Aries, in an environment which offers new methods of working and thinking.

The International Relations department of Aries offers its support to guide you in your search and help you with administrative aspects once the internship is found: tripartite agreement, end of internship certificate, internship report, internship mobility kit, etc.

If you find an internship within the European Union, you can apply for an Erasmus+ grant. The amounts of the possible grants are in the Erasmus+ page.

Télécharger le kit de mobilité de stage.

The student is responsible for finding his/her own internship and for taking the necessary steps to be allowed to work abroad. These can be complex depending on the targeted country (visa, working permit, health insurance, etc). For more information about internships in Europe, you can refer to the Euroguidance network which offers a lot of information about European countries.

Internship mobility kit

This is possible thanks to international partnerships signed between Aries and foreign universities (within the Erasmus+ programme, or otherwise) and to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

You will find in the section “International Partners” the different partners of Aries abroad welcoming Aries students you for an exchange semester or studies continuation.

Information sessions will be organized at your school regarding the course catalogues and ECTS credits (one semester is equivalent to 30 ECTS credits, and one year to 60), the selection criteria for admissions, as well as sponsorships, and calendars.

Most universities require minimum scores at Toefl or IELTS

Before leaving

Before each period abroad, a learning agreement for studies (including your choice of courses, ECTS credits, dates, etc.) is signed.
See the mobility kit

The International Relations Manager helps you with all the administrative aspects: health & work insurance, visa, etc.

During the exchange period

The International Relations department stays in support to answer your needs. Some class changes are authorized under certain conditions.

After the exchange period

After each study abroad period, the school reports based on the learning agreement for studies, summarizing the marks and ECTS credits obtained abroad will be edited to validate the period abroad.

Grants programmes

The European programme Erasmus+, the regional councils, as well as other programmes listed in the search engine CampusBourses may, under certain conditions, offer financial help to international mobility.

Selection Process

Each year, a limited number of grants is available. Each student eligible for a grant (see International Relations department or the pedagogical team of your school) can apply by following the process detailed below. However, the grant can only be awarded once, regardless of the number of months to be spent abroad. The amount of the scholarship can vary depending on the country of destination. If the number of grants requested is higher than the grants available, a selection will be made on the following criteria:

  • Academic and linguistic results
  • Consideration of the timescales
  • Other possibilities of financial support for the student
  • Pertinence/Relevance of the professional project

Please refer to the International Relations department if you have questions regarding the grants.

Click here for details of the Erasmus+ grants..

Aries commits to uphold the non-discrimination principles of the Erasmus program.

Advice to travellers

Whether you are embarking on an exchange or an internship, it is important to find out all you can about your host country. The French Government website offers valuable advice on many destinations: