Web Developer Bachelor

Web Development

Web Developer Bachelor

After the French "Baccalauréat", the Web Developer Bachelor aims, in 3 years, to train web developers able to create, develop and optimise web and mobile applications. The student learns the skills necessary to lead a creation process: design, development and technologies, web marketing.

Pedagogical objectives

The course focuses on four aspects: interfaces design, web languages and fundamentals, web programming and applications, methodologies.

The student learns to analyse a brief and develop a graphic and technical solution (static website, dynamic website with databases, e-business website, extranet, mobile application…).

He/she has an extensive knowledge of design, methods, programming languages for the web.

In project mode, the student also learns to anticipate the potential evolution and consequences of their actions, to develop and program the technical architecture of the application, and participate in tests.


Webdesigner, Interface Designer, Front-end/ Back-end Developer, Multimedia Developer, Full Stack developer, Web developer, Web Project Manager, Community Manager, SEO Consultant, Web Analytics Consultant…


  • Multiple workshops to produce web projects on different themes: websites 2.0 and e-business, extranet, web applications, creation of extensions and modules for the CMS, applications for Facebook.
  • A mobile or web application to produce as final project
  • Internships in the 2nd and 3rd year


Conditions of admission Web Developer Bachelor

Required diploma: French “Baccalauréat” or any equivalent (final exam of secondary school giving access to higher education system).Process: Application form, test and interview.


Degreee Web Developer Bachelor

The Web Developer Bachelor prepare to the professional title Concepteur Développeur Web certified by the French authority RNCP “Registre National des Certifications Professionnelles”, level 2. Length : 3 years.

Content Web Developer Bachelor


  • Software engineering
    • Needs analysis for the development of Scrum software: Agile projects management
  • Analysis, production and management of IT project methods:
    • Merise (MCD)
    • DBDesigner (database creation software)
    • Analysis and creation with UML 2.0


  • Web and mobile models creation
  • UX design
  • Websites and interfaces ergonomics
  • Responsive design, flat design…


  • Languages for website development
    • HTML5, CSS 3, XML, XLST
    • PHP, MySQLi
  • Animations programming : Javascript (jQuery, jQuery UI)
  • Data Binding : Angular JS
  • Rich Internet Application et data visualisation : Ajax, Google Charts
  • Programming for Content Management Systems (Wordpress, Joomla, Prestashop)
  • Webmarketing, social networks, SEO


  • Apprentissage de la POO avec mise en œuvre PHP / MySQLi
  • Learning pattern designs include MVC that implement PHP / MySQLi
  • Learning Symfony
  • Java to Android, SDK Android
  • Phone Gap and Cordova (multi-plateforms)